The tea

Habakkuk 1:5 struck a cord with me. Let’s start with when I was 10 years old if I ever imagined if I would ever fly out of the country. That was all I dreamt about in those days. Now it’s all I know. I would dream a lot, sometimes maybe orchestrate those dreams. However, when I would dream I always woke up when I’d arrive at the airport or entering the planes. Rarely would I have arrived at the destination.

One of my friends, Melody would tell us how she would travel all over the world. Loved her. Did I imagine it would happen to me. Of course. I wanted it so good! Then it happened. What?

Seychelles. Tropical. The cutest boys. Best believe I had my eye one of them. Oliver. With his circular glasses. Gentle demeanor. Okay I digress. Sorry. We saw the parrot fish. We held a starfish. Had my first pen pal. Laura Gayon. So beautiful. The beaches were a dream. All shades of blue. The market. So organized. Expensive. I had a great time.

Can you believe it? It all happened!

God’s word is yes and amen!

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